PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsNova Kane LLC, KV_Kingdom
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Ninja, RPG Maker, Time Travel


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This is anything but cookie cutter. The power team is at it again, bringing varied puzzles, exciting action and chase scenes, and great voice overs. Really perfect for a jam game, since it is quick, holds the attention, and offers so many enjoyable experiences.

A few parts were a little confusing as to the path to success, but the speed of retrying makes it not much of a hassle.

A fun game! You designed a solid variety of action challenges, I especially liked the D-pad ninja fight and car chase. Cool animations throughout.

The custom art is also great, nice attention to detail with things like Caldor's screen updating while he describes the timelines, and fun to see Frogue(s) in a new context :)  Loved the voiceover work with Caldor's narration too, is that computer generated or a person you recorded? 

I'll admit I'm at a loss on how to beat the Green Time Ninja after the car chase though, I've tried the fight 20 times, many different combinations of attacks, and even when Lakeroll procs and gives me initiative now and then I can't take him down before he levels me. I must be missing something...


It takes a lot of healing, but it can be done. We reworked it a bit, and it is easier if you wanted to give it a try.

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Cool, I see that Laketoss lowers D now, and Waterkick is a fast attack.

I don't see any way to heal though. I see just the 'Time Ninja' set of attacks, and none of the 4 seem to heal.

Is there a missing Skills maybe? It's quite possible I'm just completely overlooking something obvious, like a healing item along the way.

I tried 10 more times and he's still kicking my butt, bastard! :)

EDIT: To be specific, I'm playing the HTML version, in case there's something wonky going on with that deployment option specifically.


We had an issue where that skill was missing. It should be up. I am sorry for the issues

There we go! Piece of cake with the heal added. No problem, thanks for fixing it.

You created an awesome variety of entertaining challenges for the player. Cool that you did the voiceover work too, great job!