There has been a murder just outside of Shell City and it's up to Sheriff Tibbs to find the person or person responsible. Join Sheriff Tibbs in the wild west town of Shell City and help him solve the murder of one of its citizens. Investigate clues, tail suspects, crack safes, and much more in "They call me...Sheriff Tibbs!!"


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Well Great job Nova Kane! I only scored 7/20 but I'm pretty sure I'll play it again to try and get higher at least.

I was trying to think of criticism but I don't have much. Puzzles and secrets were pretty well balanced.

SPOILERS: Maybe make "hint" to save before the tailing scene so if players fail(like I did) they can easily retry:)

Crazy how the purpie looks like drifty ;)

Thank you so much. 
Didn't make him look like drifty on purpose. I saw something on YouTube that said people in the wild west almost always had facial hair, so I gave them facial hair. lol.

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Very much looks like Tea made a picture of him purple 



I really enjoyed your game! I got stuck after the scene when  Tibbs gives the two ranchers their money. I was able to ride around on my pony but I couldn't leave or interact with anything. Reckon I found a bug, lol.


No, you need to find a clue. Use the C button to help you locate it.