You play as Paul Morrow, an unscrupulous private investigator who is hired by a notorious gangster to find out who stole his money. Find clues, interrogate suspects, car chases, shootouts, fist fights, double crosses, and so much more. Help Paul Morrow solve the case and more importantly...stay alive.


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I really enjoyed this game up until the car chase. I just couldn't beat it no matter how hard I tried. You've really nailed the Detective Noir style and the mystery was super engaging and fun. :) Sad I'll never see the ending.


Okay, I was having trouble last time I played that too. I'll work on fixing that. Thanks for the feedback.

I took out half the cars. It should make it much easier. I'll repost in a bit.


Sorry for all the replies. If you want to try it again, I reduced the number of cars. there is an issue where if the cop hits you once you crash. I tested it 5x in a row and it didn't happen, but it did happen on my first two tries before that.

I was definitely seeing that issue too. Thanks for listening! :D I love seeing new games from you. :)