The Magic Sister: Tara, Bubbles, and Blaze are awakened from their slumber in order to figure out who is trying to kill the King. Find clues, investigate suspects, and solve puzzles in time to save the King. This game contains three different plots so it is essentially 3 games in 1.


Download 111 MB


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Great game. The characters are funny and the mapping looks amazing. Cool cut scenes and the puzzles were well made. I love the "Other sisters" dynamic, very funny.

Thank you so much!!! Thanks for the shout-out on mapping. I've been working hard to get better at that. If you don't mind, which book did you choose in the beginning?

I used the first one on the list. The black book, the Barron?, I think.  

You're getting really good at making these short games! The chase scene in this one (for Black Baron) was much more enjoyable this time around.


Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!! Also, thanks for giving my games a try each time!!