Join the Frogue again as he is in search of who has poisoned the swamp forcing all animals onto land. This time Frogue gets some help in the form of a plucky snake named Viper. 


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Frogue is cracking me up, 'you should be ashamed of yourself' hah!

I am alas stuck on the river. I can hop off the raft to get the sword, but can't proceed east on land from there, and after checking every shore tile leading up to the hunters can't find another place to exit the raft and approach them on foot. I must be missing something simple...


cut the vines

Sheesh, thank you. I swear I clicked everything in that corner area after I got the sword :)

This was a fun game, nice work. I like the battle animations and skills. The raft sprites were cool too, I like how Frogue looks like he's surfing on it.

The final battle was well balanced, took me a couple tries to crack. 

Glad you liked it!!! I appreciate it a lot.