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This was a fun game.

The story was a bit silly and short and the voice acting added a goofy touch.

The optimal gameplay strategies were straightforward (save TP for the strongest attacks, heal with Lucius as needed) but the combat felt worthwhile.


Thanks a lot!!! I appreciate you playing

nup sorry, could not figure this out (web version) - could have been cool

What couldn't you figure out?


Great presentation and pacing, very entertaining.

Loved all of the voiceacting, Harold's cracked me up. "I'm Harold the hero." lolol I can still hear it.

Nice battlers, animations, skills, puzzles, pretty much everything is spot on for maximum entertainment.

One small thing: it is possible to reset the push puzzle courses even after completing them. Doing so doesn't reset, the yeti (though it does the snowballs). The yeti remains used and the path opened, so it doesn't hurt anything.