You play as Frank Froguerton, ace Insurance Investigator. You've been given three new cases of possible fraud. Use your wit and cunning to find out if the policy holders are lying. 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorNova Kane LLC
Made withPixiJS
TagsDetective, free, frogue, Mystery, rpgmakermz, Short, Voice Acting


Download 144 MB


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Wow, this game is awesome! Had a lot of fun playing!

Sadly i got demoted :( Apparently Grade C = good work=failed? I am a bit confused :D

Would be cool to know if you have already done everything in a scene or not. It is a bit difficult because you never know if you are done or not, if you can come back or not, or even if you can fail at all. I kind of assumed i had the snake guy since he admitted he injured himself in a stupid way...

I think the voice acting could be a bit faster. But it is done rly well!

Overall i really enjoyed the dancers, the overall story (better than many AAA games rly :D), and the logical puzzles were awesome! A little quiz at the end proving fraud would have been great, since it was already kind of set up.

With a few more cases and a bit of polishing i would see this as a sellable game, rly awesome! :)

Did you solve all the cases? Demoted means you failed more than one case.  When you talk to Tibbs at the police station there is a quiz where you need to get all three ones right to get 100% and at least two right to unlock other parts of the game.

I'm really happy you enjoyed the game so much. I had tons of fun making it.  Those dancers worked out well, I'm glad everyone liked em. 
With the VA, I have speech problems so if I talk too fast they come out, so I have to slow it down sometimes or I sound like Sylvester from Looney Tunes. lol

I'm Nova Kane in the discord if you want to ping me for any clues, I don't want to drop spoilers.

Also, there is another game is the same vein with similar play style called "Sheriff Tibbs". No VA though, but pretty fun game.

I thought i failed only one, thats why i was surprised. I had grade C - failed - A. Maybe C already counts as failed? But it said "good work" or something like that.

It might be a bug. Maybe it's pulling up the wrong picture. I'll look into it

Great stuff, man.  Had me quite engaged.

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you liked the game. I appreciate the feedback.

I thought this was well done.  I like that you add voice acting to your characters.  Good mapping, I really liked the dance club and dancers.

As far as gameplay, I felt like running between ! markers took away from the "investigation" part of it and there wasn't really a chance of failure.  But do understand it for a jam that players need to be able to finish in a short time.

And to echo the previous comment, the cast of characters was great.

I'm struggling with how to do clues. I made games where you had to scour for clues and put them together, and got no good comments, but on the other hand I agree with you 100%. To me, it would be more fun to find the clues and figure out how they work, but getting a player to invest their time in that doesn't always work.

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you like the game. I spent like 4-5 hours making those dancers, and I'm glad everyone likes them.

It's a hard balance between helping and hindering the player.  As you saw, I took the opposite approach, and maybe made mine too hard.
Still, I plan to play yours again, since I don't know why I only got a C for the first investigation.

Actually, I did fail, by leaving one behind at the second house.

The credits for the actors killed me : D

I thought of others after the fact. Glad you liked it.